Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lace Front Closures vs Silk Base Closures

Lace front closures vs. silk base closures. We last discussed the merits of each. Now I want to show you the visual representations of each. Take a look and then compare for yourself:


Silk base closure- multi-part, installed on the side. Why is it important that this install is on the side? It's because the client requested a side part.


Lace front closure- multi-part, installed at middle. What do you think? Which do you prefer? Both were installed with 2 bundles of weft hair extensions around the frontal closure. Both are Brazilian virgin remy texture. The silk base closure is a curly curl pattern, while the lace front closure is a wavy curl pattern. For me I like them both for their versatility in the multi-part. If you don't need someone breathing down your scalp get the lace front closure. If you want complete anonimity for the most natural looking line partings, get the silk base closure, all available on For you Caucasian ladies out there, don't forge- lace front closures and silk base closure installs can be done using your own hair: serves as the 2 bundles of weft hair extensions. All you need is the lace closure. You may need to dye the lace front closure or silk base closure the match your own hair color, as it comes in virgin remy only.

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Enjoy a beautiful head of hair that lasts 2 - 4 months!

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