Monday, June 2, 2014 Check it out! Hi ladies, I haven't updated this blog in a while- I've been busy on go on and visit that site you will enjoy the true raw, reality of the way things are with hairloss and some new and exciting additions to our product line. is now conveniently also another blog wheew! It's so much easier to have mostly blogs so detailed information I need to give to you ladies is fast and personable. Best of all, you get all of me and what I think about any given thing- raw! Information dissemination is queen! I have additionally been out there in the world trying to have a personal life trying to get to know me and my natural hair again :) One of the other things I have been doing is coming up with the best hair replacement products in the world. Say hello to our new virgin remy hair line. When was the last time you used weaving hair that lasted over a year? See all that we have to offer all women! While there check out our braiding hair options too! Another of the things we have been doing is product testing. Hair- of course!, moisturizers, oils, and more. Every now and then testing and re-testing different products to use with clients hair as well as mine is pure fun. Guess what? I'll stick to the same old products except for a few new ones: 1. Argan oil- great when applied to our new remy hair line 2. Garnier Curl Calm Down- great for our curly and kinky curly remy hair line Old favorites: A. Organic root stimulator- the whole line except the edge control gel. For your edges use Edges- clear, water-based, non-flaking, and turns the kinkiest hairline into a work of art. Visit for detailed how to. B. I have to make special mention here for Loc and Twist Gel. C. Eco style gel: it's non flaking. D. Water. Yes, good old plain water. Save the ecosystem and use water first and hold the holding sprays or use less of it. I may add more to this post here or on that's what's up! Until the next hairloss client posting, don't forget I am a victim of my own success- growing out your hairloss- great for clients, which means there is always a welcome spot for you! So until then, keep smiling- our day will come as the song says :)

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