Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tree Braids With Straight Hair

Tree Braids installed with straight hair appears to be a well sought after skill, as more tree braiders who are go getters rise to the occasion to give their clients what they want: straight treebraids that don't slip out of their clients head. You would have never known that stylists who offer tree braids with straight hair are a unique breed. However I tell you this today: bow down your heads because among these few, even fewer are installing the techniques the right way to ensure the strands don't slip out. Some ladies prefer a lot of hair, and some want natural looking straight tree braids. Here is to perfect straight tree braids from natural to just a little bit more hair. Enjoy:
Brazilian hair:

MORE straight tree braids pictures:

Hair color #30:

Even more straight tree braids pictures:

See how straight tree braids are installed/done:

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