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TreeBraids- What They Really Look Like Blog

Treebraids are so versatile that you would have to see what they really look like and the different ways braiders are using their different skills to come up with a final result. See my video on Treebraids- What They Really Look Like. In that video I show how different each style and combination of styles look like together, embracing so many different techniques to achieve the desired result.

Why this interest in so many different combinations of styles put together into one style? Because the client is always right. Also, because someone whose core job is hair extensions and treebraids can appreciate that when a client has varying degrees of hair situations they should still be able to get the look they want (as much as is possible).

Treebraids- ALL OF THEM! Traditional, Invisible Hairline, Kaale's NoSho(sm) technique, including her Double Breasted with NoSho(sm) part technique. See how traditional cornrow treebraids, Invisible Hairline treebraids, lnvisible Part and Double Breasted(SM) treebraids look like and make your decision as to how you want to look. We use CEOGirl(sm) brand hair- available on

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Any hair type or curl pattern can be used: wavy, straight, curly, kinky curly, kinky straight...and with human or synthetic hair. The most important thing is ask your stylist what her strengths are. Some only use synthetic hair, others are able to use any hair YOU want. When booking an appointment with a stylist such as myself that has mastered using any hair YOU want to use, be sure to convey the following: How long do you want your hair to last. A few weeks? Then use synthetic hair. Longer? Maybe 6-8 weeks? Then use human hair. Also, do you want the extension hair to look amazing right down to the last day? Then you need CEOGirl(sm) brand virgin hair. Also available in colors. We provide you with the knowledge you need to continue maintain healthy Black womens hair, and White womens hair. Customer? Enjoy!

Tree Braids (also known as Treebraids) are so versatile. Several techniques and styles can be combined with it to achieve any result you prefer. The most commonly requested style is:

1. Cornrow treebraids.

2. Cornrow treebraids with one or more rows of INDIVIDUAL TREE BRAIDS at the nape.

3. Cornrow treebraids with one or more rows of INDIVIDUAL TREE BRAIDS at the front and nape.

4. Cornrow treebraids with perimeter INDIVIDUAL TREE BRAIDS.

We only covered treebraids above.

Here are customized styles for individual treebraids:

5. Individual tree braids with weave in the middle. Why these are better than cornrow treebraids with weave in the middle? Individual tree braids and weave/ sewins each last very long.

Look out for my other videos and blogs that make you pause and say hmmmm! "I wonder what other options are available?"


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