Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Hairstyle Options With Treebraids- We Are Back To Give You The Best!

Welcome back ladies to a new hairloss solutions post. Imagine that- being so bogged down by so many things that I actually haven't been able to blog and for so long. I tell you ladies, in life you just have to love yourself more. Years of prayer is great, but action and a move in the right direction is greater. Yes it's been a while, but I am back like a roaring lion ready to banish all your hairloss blues away, flash my inventive magic wand and presto, offer you even more amazing new combinations of beautiful style opportunities to flatter your hair.

Additionally, I promise to take a few minutes to take pictures while I am working on my beautiful clients so you can see what went into the final product. These are things I used to do years ago, and I am glad to have you wonderful ladies around me reminding me to do before pictures as well. Take a bow ladies, you are the best. Love you ladies you are indeed the best!

As you may know, I am the creator of Invisible Treebraids, and ever since filing the utility patent application, I have been thinking that you may be interested to know that we have been successfully installing non-surgical hairloss solutions for more than 2,000 ladies to date. Of these ladies, only a few are still struggling with hairloss. All others have gone on to wearing their own natural hair out, wearing natural protective styles, and a few chose dreadlocks.

We are so excited to announce that we are combining the forces of additional style techniques to give you even more options. Of note, a new crochet weave style has been very promising. So when one of my non-surgical solutions clients enquired about a style option that she could wear under water that would not embarrass her this coming Summer, my inventive or shall I say creative mind went to work. Then together, we brainstormed.

Remember ladies, this is your year and you know you need non-surgical hairloss solutions. Stop wasting your womanly years in prayer and doing the same old thing year after year that never worked. Your prayer has been answered if you are still reading this blog. Kaale is who to ask for. Is it distance that keeps you going to a local place that does not provided the care and hair growth your hair needs. Make a decision today to do better by your hair. A decision that will put a smile on your face when you pass by a mirror and you know you are looking delicious. Because your hair is looking very good. Because you are happy with the results. Because...dare you say you are looking (in your best Oprah voice)... A-M-A-Z-Z-Z-I-N-N-N-G-G! You know what must be done.

Don't hold off being deliciously hair happy any longer. Start today. Make a decision to look much better than you have ever looked before. Get your hair done right. Used to be these solutions were a little pricey for some because of the work and time that went into it, however combination styles for non surgical hairloss solutions can now take less time.

The following is a combination non surgical solutions style for one of our beautiful lady clients.

Alopecia- receded hairline, temples, and somewhat thinning of the crown area.

  • create a brand new non-surgical hairloss solutions hairline for client
  • a combination style using 3 different techniques: Invisible Treebraids, invisible crochet braids, and cornrow treebraids
  • a style that does not affect the health of her scalp or pull back from hairline after several washes
  • allow easy straightening -or curling, depending on curl pattern- of chosen hair extensions
  • use remy hair (my client only uses virgin, and remy CEOGirl(sm) hair extensions for less stress)

  • New hairline completed. Getting ready to install Invisible Treebraids
  • allow client to be able to swim, wash her hair, dry her hair, without worrying about losing hair extensions even with the weight of the water
  • add little to no hair products and the hair will still look great
  • gives the wearer more time to enjoy the things she loves
  • on a cruise or vacation, spending soo much time in the morning trying to 'beat' hair into submission is not cool- you miss out on the better breakfast options. Your girlfriends with 'always on' glamorous hair extensions take the hair out of a bonnet, finger comb, and they are off to breakfast faster than you can say jack rabbit, leaving you behind in your cabin
  • Natural looking hairline, just like it naturally grows, not a straight line

  • is that you directly above when going out? If so then it is time to make that call and finally get your hair done right: (609) 213-7985
  • as always, you do not need to have alopecia or extensive hairloss to get these protective styles

  • Styled short and sweet

  • or as mentioned in a previous youtube video: corporat-t-t-t-e
  • thank you for reading, and please leave us a comment if you feel this post or blog has helped you in any way, subscribe to our youtube channels
  • any questions?

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