Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hair Loss Solutions: Curly, Wavy Techniques and Treebraids

Often, women with hair loss like to try wearing straight human hair and processed synthetic hair styles. Why not try curly and wavy styles too? Why is it that we women always want what we can't have? On a visit to the UK this week I met a young lady in a salon with beautifully angled arched eyebrows that appeared to be naturally occurring. I had never seen such a thing before. I complimented her on them and she immediately told me that she had been shaving the peak off to give her eyebrows a more straighter line for years until now. It is now fashionable to wear one's eyebrows with a peak, somewhat like First Lady Michelle Obama's, yet she had been wearing hers for years becoming the First Lady of the United States of America!

Most women want what OTHER women have, tending not to be trend setters when it comes to be a naturally occuring phenomenon on their own body.

Time to create a fashion trend about number one:
I say it is time to accept who we are now instead of suffering unneccessarily for 10, maybe 15 or more years before we find others who are like us to make us feel more comfortable. I say we ditch that self defeatist human nature that begs us to deface what is naturally occurring on our bodies to conform to what is more widely accepted.

It is time ladies, to feel more comfortable with baldness. Not in the way that you are thinking right now. "Yeah, right!" you said? No- what I am leading to is having comfort in the fact that it is ok to be bald. There are so many solutions- both non surgical and surgical, that there is no reason why any woman on God's green earth should deprive herself of living and experiencing a normal healthy life that then translates to a healthy sex life, work life, and family life.

There is nothing stopping you but yourself, woman! Be confident and brave!
And if it helps any, there are so many women like you out there asking themselves the same questions:

Where can I find someone that can take care of my hair issues?

Does she/he offer natural looking hair styles?

Does she/he offer private appointments?

Do I have to travel far to get the service?

Can she come to me?

What about flexible appointments during the week (late evening and early morning, and afternoon)?

Is the service affordable?

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