Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lace Frontal Closures Are Best


There are two types of lace frontal closure pieces: Lace or Silk Base. They all look great. Unless you will need someone zooming in at your scalp at all times during the course of your day, lace is just as great and may even cost less.

Lace frontal closures for hairloss solutions are extremely popular and are available for all women and men. Would you believe people with no hairloss wear them more than people who have problems with balds spots, thinning, and short hair? Options for installs are therefore as unlimited as you or your stylists' vision for your hair.

Lace frontal closure sewins are best: they last longer than glue. Lace frontal closure sewins are best: they are not messy. Lace frontal closure sewins are best: they don't have to be constantly reapplied every few days. Lace frontal closure sewins are best because they last at least 2-3 months at the hairline. Lace frontal closure sewins are best: the track hair extensions sewin around it can last up to 6 months. That is if virgin remy hair is used.


This is the size lace frontal closure piece we used: 4x4 inches. We used almost 2 bundles and made client's hair look very natural, light weight and airy by splitting the tracks with a razor.

Silk base and lace front closures are available in wavy, curly, and straight.

Have any questions? Need a lace frontal technician? Call: (609)647-8086. We can travel. Want to buy one? We ship world-wide: order using the link provided above.

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Enjoy a beautiful head of hair that lasts 2 - 4 months!

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